Programs and Services

Services marked with an asterisk (*) are one of our Core Services.


Information and Referral*

Information about disability related issues, resources and services are provided to people with disabilities, professionals, and the general public. Staff members are available to listen and assist with locating resources and developing strategies for individuals to resolve problems, including but not limited to the following: housing issues, benefit issues, accessibility of private and public areas, discrimination, and finding employment. Requests for information are researched and provided in appropriate formats. Referrals are made to other agencies or service providers for existing services in the community.

Accessibility Services

Ramps, hand rails, and wider door openings are all accessibility features that can literally open doors that have, until recently, been closed to a significant portion of the population and not just those in wheelchairs, but those using a walker or cane, as well as those who just have difficulty negotiating stairs. NEILS can perform an on-site survey of your home, building, or business to determine the compliance with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). The survey would include, but not be limited to, the accessibility of all building entrances, hallways, stairs, ramps, elevators, doorways, and bathrooms as well as automobile parking spaces. NEILS can provide a written report outlining our findings and recommendations on any necessary modifications to bring your building or home into compliance with the ADA. Call NEILS today for more information and schedule an appointment for a survey.

Equipment Loan Program

Our equipment loan program has been designed to provide consumer with temporary equipment loan for daily living. The equipment on the program is given by donations from individuals or friends and families of ones who no longer need the equipment. The equipment is checked to ensure safety and then processed into the program to be available for loan to an individual who does have a need. The equipment can be loaned to a consumer on a short-term basis. Examples of equipment are, but are not limited to, walkers, shower chairs, transfer benches, commodes, and wheelchairs. If you know of anyone who would like to donate equipment or an agency who would like to work together on providing this service contact us.

Peer Support*

One on one support is available from volunteers and staff. The goal of peer support is to assist persons in learning coping skills for today’s world. We use the motto “been there, done that,” meaning that experience is the best education. Staff and volunteers who have acquired positive skills for managing their disabilities assist consumers to explore options, solve problems, and develop new skills.

Nursing Home Transition Program

NEILS Strongly believes in integrating persons with disabilities who are institutionalized back into community living. Our Transition Program is designed to assist persons with disabilities in achieving this goal. There are many steps that must be taken in order for de-institutionalization to occur. NEILS will assist in all stages of this process including the initial planning, finding a home, helping find financial assistance, along with the many other stages of the transitions program. We have resources available about the Olmstead Decision and your Constitutional Rights which play a large role in the de-institutionalization process. Please contact us if you know of anyone wanting to transition back into the community or simply want more information.

Independent Living Skills Training*

Individualized training in daily living activities that are essential to living independently, safely, effectively, and successfully. Training topics available include but are not limited to: budgeting and personal finance, cooking, lease and tenant/landlord responsibilities, recreation, computer/internet, reading, training on management of attendant services, pre-employment skills, interpersonal skills, utilization of other services available and goal setting to achieve increased independence.

Circuit Breaker Services

Circuit breaker services are offered by NEILS staff to assist you in receiving a tax credit that Missouri may owe you. You may qualify for up to $750 per year for the past three (3) tax years. That is $2,250 of your money if you qualify. If you are on any type of Social Security, you have paid real estate taxes or rent, and you have lived in Missouri for the entire year, you may qualify for a Circuit Breaker Tax Credit. This service is free of charge for some qualified applicants. Call NEILS today for more information and to set up an appointment.

Alternative Format Services

Many people with disabilities often have problems reading menus at a restaurant, paying utility bills, reading life insurance policies, reading bank statements, among many other things. These situations, plus many more, occur everyday in our area. Providing accommodations now, will open the door to so many people. NEILS provides Braille and large print services at low costs to area businesses, other organizations, and consumers. These alternative formats provide people who are blind and visually impaired with the independence that well-sited individuals enjoy. Call for more information.


NEILS is available to help people learn how to speak for themselves. We will help all individuals who would like to become better self-advocates. Building skills and self-esteem enables individuals to ask for what they need to become or remain independent. It is necessary for persons with disabilities to develop these skills to more effectively impact their needs, and to impact local, state, and national disability policies. NEILS provides training, networking with other agencies, plus timely information to individuals about disability related issues in its monthly newsletter.

Assistive Technology

NEILS staff members are trained to provide an assessment of a person with a disability and the technology needs. NEILS can provide assistance with obtaining anything from lifts to vehicle hand controls to assistive computer devices and much more. Staff will provide recommendations for technology choices and assist with locating and applying for financial assistance. People also have an option of trying out times such as adaptive equipment available for loan. If the consumer is looking for used equipment we will assist in connecting them with resources to match their specific needs. The low vision library is in conjunction with Rehabilitation Services for the Blind. Call NEILS today to learn more!

Disability Awareness Programs

NEILS firmly believes that persons with disabilities are and/or can be fully productive citizens in the community, however even today some of society doesn’t fully include persons with disabilities and still has the view that they are not capable of working, raising children, or even living at home independently. NEILS strives to make everyone aware of the disabled community and that they can do most things that any person or citizen can do. Our goal is to make the community accept and respect persons with disabilities just as they want to be accepted and respected. We provide Disability Awareness Presentations free of charge to any organization, school, or other group. For the children, we use dolls with different types of disabilities to explain their disability and the things they CAN do just like any other child. For the older groups, we use MS Powerpoint presentations with handouts and other information. To schedule a Disability Awareness Presentation, simply call NEILS and speak with the Outreach Coordinator.

IEP Services

IEP Services are available to children and youth from birth to 21 years old. NEILS Staff works with youth and their families on IEP (Individual Education Plans) or other education advocacy issues. IEPs can include assisting families with getting better access to the school for their child or even advocating on behalf of the child that they should remain in the general classroom setting. For more information, speak with one of our Independent Living Specialists.

Youth Services

Youth Services are provided to any disabled children who would like to learn how to become more involved in the community, develop knowledge of disability-related issues, and gain life skills. NEILS assists the youth in gaining skills that will enable them to live independently later in life. We also provide one-on-one support to the youth who have difficulties coping with their disability or other life situations. We provide an array of activities for youth involvement and are looking at expanding our youth services to include youth support groups, advisory boards, and greater participation in NEILS and our events.

Universal Design Program

Universal Design means that a home is fully functional for the disabled, elderly, and non-disabled community. The living spaces within the home are made accessible through a variety of modifications such as using open style sink bases in the bathrooms and kitchens, toilets are raised for easier transfer and roll-in showers. Doorways are wider and even the light switches are at an easily accessible height. Every detail of the house is made accessible. This style of home provides the option that as the individual ages and may need some form of mobility aid, they are not forced into the nursing home. They can stay in their home because of its Universal Design. Contact NEILS to get more information on financial assistance, lenders, and floor plans.

Prescription Drug Assistance Program

The Prescription Drug Program is one that is available to consumers needing assistance buying or acquiring the medications. This is done by requests to staff from consumers who in turn access resources to 3998 different medications among 408 pharmaceutical companies and programs. Online applications are taken from the companies and the consumer takes them to their doctor and there, the process is completed between the doctor and drug company.

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The Medicare D Program for enrollment is in their prescription plan among various insurance providers under Social Security and CMS. The consumer enrolls in the program through an application done at NEILS online by staff. Social Security refers the application on to their group of providers. The providers chosen will in turn contact the consumer to put them under a plan.

TAP Telephone

TAP for Telephone is provided by Missouri Assistive Technology free of charge to qualified persons. TAP-T provides basic voice telephone calling (both sending and receiving) and telephone alerting devices (telephones) for individuals with disabilities in the state of Missouri through the delivery of adaptive telephone equipment. NEILS is a demonstration site and you can view and test the phones to determine which will best fit your needs. Some qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • You must be a Missouri resident
  • You must have telephone service in your home
  • You must have a certified disability

Consumer-Directed Services (Home Care)

Some persons with disabilities require assistance with activities of daily living to enable them to live independently within his/her community. CDS allows individuals with disabilities to receive assistance with his/her daily living activities and other tasks while remaining in the home. This program allows the direction of Medicaid Dollars for in-home, consumer directed services. The CDS program allows the individual to direct his or her own care at no cost to you, the consumer. Qualified individuals direct his/her own care by hiring the attendant(s) of his/her own choice and managing and directing the services that meet the individuals needs. Eligibility requirements include being a resident of Missouri, need bathing, dressing, meal preparation, etc. The consumer must be eighteen (18) years of age or older, be Medicaid eligible in the state of Missouri and be able to direct his/her own self-care. Give NEILS a call for more information.

In-Home Services (Home Care)

In-Home Services are provided to individuals in need of assistance with activities of daily living to enable them to live independently wihtin his/her community.  The In-Home program can provide assistance with tasks such as housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care, laundry, shopping/errands, and many other tasks.  We also provide nurse visits and basic respite care.  NEILS currently accepts Missouri MO HealthNet (Medicaid) or private pay.